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Cyber Monday
Outstanding Duty Free Gifts to Buy

Cyber Monday- Outstanding Duty Free Gifts to Buy

There are a host of holiday gifts to purchase this season and it can be hard to find unusual and charming selections. Luckily, there are several excellent choices to please even the most difficult on your list. The trick is to find special gifts at the right price. Here are some duty free gift ideas.

Camila Drop Set

The Camilla Drop Set is 18kt. white gold plated necklace and earring combination. It contains Swarovski elements. The necklace is top-rated by buyers and is very gorgeous, as it has a large tear-shaped crystal pendant. It is a memorable choice for the perfect lady.


Rhodium 20 Row Silk Chain by Joia de Majorca

The Rhodium 20 Row Silk Chain is an absolutely lovely necklace that makes a major impression. It features high-quality sterling silver from Italy and it has one man-made pearl that originated in Majorca, Spain. The multiple silver strands are the element that provides such a stunning look, as it is rare to encounter such a fine design. The necklace is ideal for a very special evening out. Such a beautiful necklace and it is available at terrific duty free Cyber Monday pricing.

Venezia Watch by Misaki

It is true that one of the most important adornments for any woman is a watch. It is fun to have a watch that everyone notices as being unique. An absolutely five star choice, the Venezia Watch by Misaki is highly elegant with popular appeal. This watch is one of the few pieces that successfully pairs old-world charm with a modern “feel.” It is a very feminine piece, as it contains pearls and has a warm, inviting pink color.

Opus Couture Watch

The Opus Couture Watch is a woman’s watch with a highly intriguing face. It is a stainless steel watch that presents the numerals in rhodium plating. It features some Swarovski crystals as well. This watch is an outstanding purchase for the duty free pricing on Cyber Monday. Many people will comment upon the beauty of the Opus Couture Watch.

Folli Follie Heart4heart Watch

Everyone can use some extra good luck. The heart-shaped, four leaf clover on the face of this beautiful watch will remind them of how lucky they truly are. This appealing watch has a black strap and a delightful rose-tint. The crystal stones it features inside the hearts create a sublime effect and would make a magical gift.

There is no better time to purchase duty free products than on Cyber Monday. Perhaps the selection that is best is the Camila Drop Set necklace. For those seeking a watch for that special someone, the Venezia Watch by Misaki is perfect and the Opus Couture Watch represents another fine choice. If the mood is playful and feminine, the Folli Follie Heart4heart Watch is a rare and remarkable alternative that many have rated highly. Come and see the many outstanding duty free gifts that are available at marvelous prices on Cyber Monday.

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