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Score Insider Pricing With
Duty Free Perfume

Score Insider Pricing With Duty Free Perfume

Of all the feminine gifts, fine perfume is among the most luxurious. Since the eighteenth century, women everywhere have sought after the best scents with which to adorn themselves. Naturally, this kind of elegance normally comes with a hefty price tag. In the modern age however, it is possible to get terrific prices on duty free perfume on Cyber Monday. At, there are the hottest, fragrance products on the market at the most superior price points.


Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

Ladies become truly delighted when they are given opulent perfumes. This season, one of the most desired fragrances is Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs. Insiders are enthralled this season by Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs. Daisy Dream is a delicious, floral fragrance that comes in the most delightful bottle. The bottle features daisies throughout, has a “young vibe,” and is light blue and white with a silver top. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs is ideal for the youthful, attractive and happy woman in your heart.

Gucci Premiere EDP

Gucci Premiere EDP is the top choice in opulent fragrance for a cosmopolitan woman. It is presented in an ornate gold bottle and is usually worn by a very modern-type woman. This fragrance is available in duty free pricing over the Cyber Monday holiday. Duty free prices are very attractive to the very discerning buyer, as they are often as much as an unbelievable thirty-eight percent off the regular retail price.

LaVie Est Belle EDP 50ml by Lancome

One perfume that is quite popular recently is La Vie Est Belle EDT 50ml by Lancome. The aroma is of orange blossom essence. It comes in such a beautiful pink and purple bottle with a ribbon. Actress Julia Roberts is the face of this appealing scent. It makes an exquisite gift.

Gucci Bamboo EDP 50ml

If there is a brand that is synonymous with luxury, it is Gucci. This is why Gucci fragrances are so coveted. Although all Gucci products are deluxe, the Gucci Bamboo is particularly scrumptious. Replete with the splendid Casablanca lily, the Gucci Bamboo perfume is entirely extravagant. Fortunately, it is presented at duty free, Cyber Monday prices that simply cannot be beaten.

Azzaro Pour Elle EDP 75 ml

Is there any scent more feminine than that of roses? Azzaro Pour Elle is known for its delicacy and the long-lasting impression of prettiness it bestows. This perfume is very sexy while remaining sweet. The bottle is large, making it hard to run out of and economical. The purchase includes a nice, silver purse that is excellent for evenings out.

These are some of the many opportunities to obtain choice fragrances at duty free prices on Cyber Monday. For the ultimate in sophistication, there is Gucci Premiere as well as Gucci Bamboo to select from. Alternatively, if a sweeter more floral scent is desired, why not try Daisy Dream or Azzaro Pour Elle? Click here to see the wide selection of fragrances at

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