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All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”-Charles Schulz

Chocolate is a great favorite. All types of chocolate are well-received as presents. Women and chocolate definitely go together. That is why chocolate is a natural gift for Valentine’s Day 2017.

Chocolate Truffles

One of the most feminine chocolates on the market today is the Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles by Charbonnel. The gift box that the chocolate comes in is a charming and highly feminine rose color. They are pink in color and made of milk chocolate on the outside and truffle at the center. Fashioned in England, the company who makes them has the English title of Purveyors of Fine Chocolates to Her Majesty the Queen. That is why Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles by Charbonnel are a royal gift for your valentine this year.


Does your valentine love pralines? If so, the Gold Gift Box 14 Piece Assortment by Godiva makes the perfect present. Pralines are so lush and are of such high quality. There are also caramels included and the gold gift box is visually luxurious. The box has a nice assortment of milk chocolate, white chocolate and even dark chocolate as well. It is a great gift for a chocolate lover and has plenty left over to share as well.


The high quality of Belgian chocolate is certain. Godiva is a famous Belgian chocolate company that started in 1926. Your love will be certain to be delighted with a gift of delightful Belgian chocolate. The USA Souvenir Multipack 3X4 Piece by Godiva offers four piece milk chocolate assortments of pralines. Inside the chocolate is the delicious middle which consists of vanilla ganache.

Iconic Switzerland Chocolate

Chocolate makes women feel truly happy. The most iconic brand of Switzerland chocolate is called Toblerone. Everyone recognizes Toblerone chocolate due to its distinct shape. The Toblerone Variety Pack offers something for everyone, particularly those who love the taste of honey and almond. The many bars that are included in the pack make the Toblerone Variety Pack the gift that keeps on giving.


Hazelnut Almond Chocolate

When you are shopping for chocolate, don’t forget to pick up Merci Finest Assortment of European Chocolates. It has several flavors and is very popular as a European gift. There is Marzipan and Praline Crème as well as Dark Cousse and Hazelnut Almond. These are purposely thin bars, as they are meant to provide a luxuriant taste of chocolate at the right time to keep her very happy.

Do not forget to get your valentine the most-loved Valentine’s Day gift- chocolate. Consider selecting some royal chocolate, such as the Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles by Charbonnel. If your sweetheart likes nuts, then the pralines offered by Godiva would be a perfect gift idea. The Toblerone Variety Pack is a nice chocolate present that comes in a very cute shape. Your valentine is sure to appreciate whichever brand of chocolate you select this year for Valentine’s Day 2017.

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