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The best thing to hold onto in life is each other

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” –Audrey Hepburn

A luxuriant perfume is an intrinsic part of a woman. Coco Chanel famously said that a woman who does not wear perfume has no future. Perfume is so essential and desired by women that it makes a fine Valentine’s Day 2017 gift. Naturally, the world of perfume can be baffling to those who are not familiar with it and don’t know which fragrance to select. Here are some perfume choices and the differences between them to help you choose one your valentine will adore.


Cartier is the pre-eminent name in luxury goods, including fragrance.   They are historically principally known for sumptuous jewelry and watches, but they offer lavish aromas as well. Baiser Vole EDP 100 ml by Cartier is a first-rate lily-like fragrance that is perfect for Valentine’s Day 2017. It is an ideal aroma for the holiday because the name charmingly means ‘Stolen Kiss.’


In 1975 Armani was founded in Milan, Italy. Ever since, the exclusive brand has developed a reputation for first-class products and perfumes. Armani Si fifty ml. by Giorgio Armani is a sweet smelling, select scent that is second-to-none. A very Italian product, Armani Si bears a splendid freesia aroma. It is a vaguely pink tinted perfume that is packaged in a transparent bottle with a black top.

Thierry Mugler

If you are searching for a very French fragrance, you may decide to get a lavish Thierry Mugler perfume. An expert in both scents and fashion, Thierry Mugler is known for high-grade product. For instance, Angel twenty-five ml. EDP is a first-rate aroma that comes in a star-shaped bottle. A truly unique gift, Angel by Thierry Mugler in a very feminine bottle will entirely delight your valentine.


Are you looking for a fashionable perfume to give your love for Valentine’s Day 2017? If so, you may want to consider Azzaro. Developed by a Fashion Designer, the Azzaro name is synonymous with modern opulence, and their high-grade fragrances demonstrate their quality. Azzaro Pour Elle EDP seventy-five ml. is a first-rate scent that is a real treat. You do receive a free Azzaro clutch in a silver-grey coloring with purchase when you get this grand fragrance at


A thoroughly French brand, Lancome came to be from the inspiration that its creator Armand Petitjean received when he saw a gorgeous castle. He became charmed and enamored of the castle and the roses in the castle garden became the logo for the lavish brand. Lancome has been a purveyor of fine fragrance since its inception. La Vie Est Belle fifty ml. is a prime perfume selection that comes in a gorgeous bottle.

A woman can define herself with a signature fragrance. The perfume she wears is telling the world all about her before a word is even spoken. Help her make her statement by getting her a superb fragrance. has the perfect fragrance for your true love for Valentine’s Day 2017.

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